The DESIGNTRAIN Project was approved and supported by EC, Leonardo da Vinci Programme, with the 14 projects from Turkey, since 1. October.2006. The project duration is 24 months.


The core of the project idea is based on the adaptation problems experienced by the students/design students who have studied in the present education system, when they focus on the process of design.

The project has double goals and is composed of two stages thereof. The goal of the first stage is to test and develop skills for the pro-professions and the goal of the second stage is to orient design students to design thinking and improve their problem solving capacities by way of conducive exercises. The far-reaching goal of the project is to render the process of design education feasible and economic in terms of using human resources.

Stage I: "Vocational Guidance": "Self-evaluation Unit", which is planned to   be a self-evaluation examination and which is supposed to be administrated to the users in the electronic settings by e-learning systems, aims to evaluate the responses of the users to design-related concepts and to determine their tendency for design professions.

Stage II: "Educational Guidance": "Supportive Unit", which is planned as a supporting module in the process of design education, aims to make retrieval of information related to design and design concepts, fast and easy for the students of design.


By means of "Vocational Guidance": "Self-evaluation Unit", the documents, aiming to enhance the consciousness for design education, will be prepared to guide the secondary and high school students, who wish to continue with professional education. In this way, the secondary and high school students will be assisted in choosing their professions. In addition to these objectives, the "Vocational Guidance": "Self-evaluation Unit" will help teachers in secondary and high schools or in unions of private preparation and training courses, in guiding their students for university education, as "vocational guides".

By means of "Educational Guidance": "Supportive Unit", which is considered as a supporting module in the process of design education, retrieval of information related to design and design concepts will be made accessible and user-friendly for design students.     


The target groups of the project aiming to go over the adaptation problems experienced during the preparation and education process of design training, and the target sectors of this project are the educational institutions and private enterprises.

The target groups and the sectors of the project include secondary school students, high school students, and students in design training, teachers, trainers, instructors, communication companies and institutions such as; departments of architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture, urban and regional planning, industrial design, related to design education. The same group will be the users of the project also.

More clearly, official or non-official associates preparing students for universities, the students of this associates (the users of the Vocational Guidance: Self-evaluation Unit), the design students, and the teachers, trainers of these schools (the users of Educational Guidance: Supportive Unit) are the target groups.

Moreover, all the professions related to design studies, professional unions, and the members of these unions can benefit from this project results.



Discussion programmes as meetings, seminars, congresses and conferences to make the project disseminated and active will be held with the contributions of the partners and target sectors/groups. There will be obtained benefits from the meetings which are held by the companies defined as partners and from the negotiation of information acquired from these meetings; and due to this, the schools and companies concerned with design will have information about the project and the process.

The products, which will be written and visualized as CD-ROMs, handbooks that are obtained, will be distributed by the means of web sites, Leonardo Fairs, Newspapers, TV, radio by using a variety of advertisement techniques. These products will be translated into the languages of the partner countries which are the members of the union. The impact of the project will be closely observed after it has been put to use and will be amended and developed accordingly. 
All the process of DESIGNTRAIN project can be followed in: